Oct 9, 2012

Visually Something

A recent creative epiphany, a brilliant artistic blow to the head if you will, has left me with the irresistible urge to make things, and do things in various somewhat productive ways. I've been drawing more, working on my banjo playing, and just generally bettering myself without trying too hard to be nicer, kinder or more pleasant in any way.

Specifically, I've taken it upon myself to master photography. No mean feat, to be sure. Well, I say master, but really i just want to get somewhat good and get to grips with all those pretty buttons on the camera. So, armed with a Canon EOS 500D set to full manual mode and a gung-ho attitude, I set out to capture the world, and perhaps take some pictures of it along the way.

So, you know...


Progress made, more to come.

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